Wednesday, 24 August 2011

World Hunger (Part 2)

Hi guys, we meet you again.

How are you today? The previous post was about the world hunger. This week we will continue about the same topic but in terms of causes and how to overcome the world hunger. As mentioned in the previous entry, Asia and Pacific stated the highest statistics of hungry people in 2010. Most of the countries in the East Africa such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Niger go through this world hunger problem due to food shortages, war, conflict, economic mismanagement and drought. The latest issue of famine occurred in the Republic of Somalia's drought worsens months by months, declaring a famine in a new area.

To overcome hunger in the world, which is now affecting more than one million people. The rich nations were socially and morally responsible to help poor countries expand and improve their food production by creating new farming technologies could also help solve world hunger . Another way to solve world hunger would be to improve the food distribution infrastructure. A number of first-world countries have massive surpluses of staple crops and grains, especially wheat, rice and corn.

We should thankful living in the advanced country without food shortage like other country just now. Thus, you should remember the other people that were suffering because of food crisis before you guys throwing out and wasting your food :)

Peace yawww!

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