Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Experience as a Bachelor Student


This is our first entry in the blogging thing.
We were given an assignment about creating a blog.
Blogging is such a way to express and share our feelings, experiences & memories in our lives.
Hopefully you guys do enjoy our incoming entries :)

About three months ago, we were offered to continue our study as bachelor students in UniKL MICET which is the same university during our diploma. We were offered the same course which is Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Environment.We were very glad that there were chances for us to further our study.

A week before the registration day, we were very exciting to begin our new life as a bachelor student. We can't wait on learning new things, meeting new friends and lecturers. Also, how hard the obstacles would be to become a future Environmental Engineer. Well, we are back then!


  1. haha glad to comeback? or ready for the insanity? lol XD

  2. yup, of's been a long time no see old friends. miss the moment during diploma already. waiting for the changes in MICET and going through the depressness in study..haha :)