Friday, 16 September 2011

Do you think you can achieve Dean's List for this semester? Tell us why and why not.

Hello GUYS!

CONGRATULATIONS for those who got dean's list and the others do keep up and improve your study. =)

Do you think you can achieve dean's list for this semester?The answer could be YES or NO.

The reason why cannot achieve dean's list :

a) The degree subject is super duper hard and complicated especially the engineering subject which have lots of calculation and theory to understand.
b) Culture shock with the degree learning structure which is tougher compared to diploma as the credit hours taken is higher than the previous batch.
c) UniKL marking scheme is depends on the coursework mark than final mark. So, the lazy student that did not do their coursework will lost marks and affected their CGPA.
d) Too much entertainment rather than study.
e) Do not serious and do not focus on study.

There are many reasons but these are the short lists and main points why is there are among student can't get dean's list.

The reason why can achieve dean's list :
a) There are many possible way to be success such as come to the class and give 100% focus on the input provided by lecturer
b) Make study group among  friends to discuss the subject not understand.
c) Do preparation by study the subject that be attending before go to the class.
d) Make consultation hour with lecturer by asking them what you do not understand.
e) Search additional information to further understand the subject study by use the library as a medium to get more knowledge.

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