Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Experience as a Bachelor Student (Part 2)

We are going to continue about our experiences of being a Bachelor student in MICET. Well, as you know, UniKL are known as a practically hands-on university which is fully equipped with advanced facilities and technologies. For a moment, we were very proud to be one of the student at UniKL MICET. But, on 17th July 2011 everything was started. As we stepped in MICET, what we can see that the environment is still remain the same and there is nothing changed. The registration day was going smoothly and as we arrived at hostel, we found that all hostel block have disruption of water supply for about four days.

How 'lucky' we are. On the first week of study, lots of things need to be done such  as credit transfer, add and drop subject and arrange our study plan. What a hectic week for us.

   Unfortunately, the academic and management structure was changed. We can only transfer 30 % of the total credit to graduate which is not as much as the previous batch. The total credit that we should take also increased until 140 credit hour. Besides that, the timetable for our class was clashed and changed for about three times. However, all of these challenges that we have been through, we had became the person that are strong, brave and bold in facing incoming difficulties in life as bachelor student.

But we still love MICET :)

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