Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fulfill Mid-Semester Break with Beneficial Things

In the previous entry, we were focused on preparation and celebration of Hari Raya during the mid-sem break. Now, we would like to continue about the mid-sem break with worth things. Although we are on Hari Raya mood but it does not mean that we should throw away all the books and notes from yourself. As students, notes and yourself cannot be separate from each others in order to passed the exam with flying colours. So, on the holiday we were read the Industrial Safety And Health's notes. Why?? Because right after come back from the mid-semester break we are having a test !! Why so early?? But then, we know this is called as student's life. We have to face it. Actually, doing revision is a best practice. Besides, we are using the free time by internet browsing and watching television. Variety information can we obtain from those source like science and health, recipe, news, movies and so forth. So, who said we cannot do something worth during holiday?

studying and finish up a homework 

holiday trip

watching television and internet browsing..:)

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